Stefania and Vista

Windows Vista Resolved, Unresolved and Desesperate Issues

Awful…. Are these “Jacked Vista Cop-Updates”?

I’m very worried….
I’m typing on a Vista Enterprise notebook, and 10 minutes ago, Windows Update override my update preferences (ask before everything….).
It istalled 4 updates without my permissions.
On another notebook, the behavior is different. They don’t install without asking.
Anyway there’s no trace of updates KBs…. They’ve been released yesterday (January 29), 24 hours before the Vista international launch.
Now it wants to to reboot.
I’m quite afraid.
I save this bottle message on this Blog draft section.
I will send it away from another machine, if Microsoft jackes me….

Is it not strange?
Take a look…..

Updates 2
No Update KB in Microsoft Search System
No Google
No Yahoo....

Ok. Rebooted.
Saved, for now.

And tomorrow, I’ll get a regular one…..


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