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Running Explorer as Admin in Vista makes it Crash if Links Bar contains off-line files

A small issue I discovered this night is about the Internet Explorer on Vista.
Some programs ask for admin privileges in order to let Explorer show their interface (through IIS7).
One among others is Virtual Server 2005.
I usually synchronize (and Vista offers a huge quantity of tools to do it) Documents folders as well as Favorites or Pictures Folders.
With XP this kind of features were available through group policy management (in SBS environment) or changing some registry keys.
With Vista, create symbolic links is a normal everyday job easily achievable by right-clickin the special folders in the Start Menu.
And if you redirect your Favorites Shortcut in the start menu to a mapped network folder with “off-line” items inside, share your work among multiple machines becomes very comfortable.
I love Vista even for this.

The problem is that, for some reasons I’m investigating, if the mapped network is not connected and the Links Bar shows the off-lines files instead of the original network folder content, Explorer crashes if run as admin.
Deactivating the Links Bar from Explorer makes it start with no problems

Right Click on Explorer Quick Launch Bar to run Explore as admin

And then, the sad result….

And this is the Links Bar involved…


January 15, 2007 - Posted by | Vista

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  1. Azz…sono capitato qui per caso e…sei una bestia!
    Ma a parte scrivere 30 blogs cosa fai nella vita?
    Complimenti davvero!
    IO stavo cercando qualche notizia sulla lentezza nello spostamento dei file di vista…nn so se dipende da nero che mi andava anche in crash con le anteprime(ho risolto), dai codec divx che nn sono pronti x vista al contrario di cosa dicono, da quel cacchio di mediaplayer 11 o da chi sa chi…
    roba da contadini rispetto a te!
    Un saluto, e considerami tra i sicuri visitatori del tuo blog!

    Best Regards

    Comment by neo | January 15, 2007 | Reply

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