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Good Morning Doctors! This I will say in 1 hour time hoping to get a reason for my swelling in ankles, legs, hands. Finger crossed!

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Bonn Nuit. Sognerò Benny e Lefebvre che mi strappano una embrionale dalle mani e Alfano e gli ispettori che mi danno 6 in condotta

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Go out to check what the hell happened to a syncing task, locked on one of my company servers. Oh! Sunday night…

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Ok. It’s time for leaving. Feel very sick. Mi sento debole, ma devo uscire… Hope to raise energy later on. Speriamo di star meglio.

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I feel sick. Have hub all my energies to go out for a friend anniversary. Swelling in the ankles, feet… Need a new liver. ūüė¶

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So late today. Have to run to my ICT store to pick up some stuff. Sono fusa e devo correre a ritirare merce ICT. See you.

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Just trying out….

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EPP, Password, Auth Code denied by a fraudulent Italian Registrar

EPP, Password, Auth Code denied by a fraudulent Italian Registrar

I need the ICANN opportune branch help, or the support from an
international Registrar, to solve an annoying issue I
have with an Italian registrar ( the avoid the transfer of some
domains I registered through it.

What happened is very simple.

Thank to a promotion of this Italian registrar, I had the chance (on last
August) to register a certain amount of domains (about a hundred).

Of this promotion I have the original "step by step" screenshots and I indeed
didn't use any fraudulent method to register these domains (the name is mine as
well the VAT code requested during the registration process).

 After some days I tried to access the CP of this new domains and I
discovered that had frozen them.

The reason?

The promotion was intended for only one domain per person and so they locked
any EPP – Password – Auth Code inhibiting domains transfers.

I don't understand why they did it, considering that I used (differently from
a lot of other people that surely filled the promotional forms with fake data) my real name,
real address, real VAT Code, real phone and personal email.

Probably I know (and you know) the reason.

With a fake name I'm not able to transfer the registered
domain to another registrar (I can't provide official Identity documents owned
by the fake name used). So is sure that if I develop contents and
activities on that domain, it will remain "at home" and will "pay" the
"promotional efforts" of the Registrar.

Since I used real data (and no double entries checking tools
had been set up on the database to avoid this), I could be able/succeed in
transferring the domains to another registrar.

They told me I've been fraudulent in registering all those
domains, and that I have to pay more and less 10000 USD to get my domains EPP.

I think that on national basis they can act against me, if
they really think I'm damaging them cause I've been fraudulently using their
promotion (if they're able to demonstrate it), but (even reading ICANN rules on
these kind of issues) they can't deny to provide the EPP code and let me use
regularly un-locked domains about which I'm the Owner ADMIN-C, BILLING-C.

 These are the domains involved and below them the screenshots
of the "step-by-step" procedure I followed to register them:

Here's the screenshots:

This first shot tells surfers that gives a domain
for free (a present). It's totally free and (in red) "only for today". A free
hosting service is included (anyway if they don't want to provide this last
there's no problem for me, but they have to let me manage my domains)

Welcome to the Promotion

In this second shot all my real data are filled. No fakes. No

First Form of the " offers a domain for free" promotion 

This is the third step: the control panel at (I
emphasized the "active your promotion now" section)   

Control Panel at With emphasis on the promotion

This is the Bonus Window. From here the registering a domain
process, starts. 

This is the bonus windows at 

The choosing a domain window.

Choosing a domain at

The chosen domain is available. To finally check my data and
email I select the option "register to another person"  

The domain is available at 

Shoppin Cart. 

Shoppin Cart at 

Checking Admin-C and Billing-C data. Final Steps at 

Checking if everything is correct at 

The summary page at Disclaimers, contracts and
conditions don't talk about any issue relating to the promotion involved.

The summary page at 

Here we are. The domain is registered. But….. 

End of the domain registration procedure at 

Ok. This is the WHOIS result for ""
domain. But….


REGISTER.IT SPA - Whois Server Version 1.4

The Registry database contains ONLY .COM, .NET and .ORG domains.

     Created on: 2007-08-25
     Updated on: 2007-08-25
     Expires on: 2008-08-25
     Registrant Name: STEFANO CASTELLI
     Contact: Stefano Castelli
     Registrant Address: via Rovxxxx
     Registrant City: Padova
     Registrant Postal Code: 35142
     Registrant Country: IT
     Administrative Contact Organization: Stefano Castelli
     Administrative Contact Name: Stefano Castelli
     Administrative Contact Address: via Rovxxx, xx
     Administrative Contact City: Padova
     Administrative Contact Postal Code: 35142
     Administrative Contact Country: IT
     Administrative Contact Email: stefania.castellxxxxx
     Administrative Contact Tel: +39 348 302XXX
     Administrative Contact Fax: +39 700 5808XXX
     Technical Contact Organization: Technical Support
     Technical Contact Name: Technical Support
     Technical Contact Address: Via A Ponti, 6
     Technical Contact City: Bergamo
     Technical Contact Postal Code: 24126
     Technical Contact Country: IT
     Technical Contact Email:
     Technical Contact Phone: +39 035 3230400
     Technical Contact Fax: +39 035 3230312
     Primary Name Server Hostname: NS1.REGISTER.IT
     Secondary Name Server Hostname: NS2.REGISTER.IT

>>> Last update of whois database: Sun Mar 16 09:52:15 2008 <<<

But the problem is in this mail they sent me…… 

Gentile cliente,

tramite i pannello di controllo intestati a Castelli Stefano risultano essere
stato effettuato un utilizzo improprio della promozione visibile dal link:

La sollecito a non effettuare ulteriori registrazioni, ho inoltrato la sua
segnalazione all'ufficio competente.

Le ricordo che nella pagina di parcheggio e' correttamente indicato che "
si riserva la possibilità di modificare, sospendere o prorogare l'offerta in
qualsiasi momento. L'offerta è valida solo per il primo anno di registrazione.
E' severamente vietato l'uso improprio del sistema. Ad ogni cliente viene
offerto in omaggio un solo dominio: qualunque operazione volta alla
registrazione di pi√Ļ domini in violazione di quanto sopra comporter√† l'addebito
automatico dei relativi corrispettivi secondo il listino prezzi e, a
discrezione, la sospensione immediata del servizio. "

Come indicato chiaramente dalla promozione, offre la possibilita\'
di registrare un dominio gratuito, l'utilizzo da lei effettuato non e' quindi
ovviamente autorizzato e la invito a non accedere ulteriormente al link sopra

In few words it means that according to them I fraudulently
used their promotion so if I want to use my domains I have to give them this

La invito ora ad indicarci la modalita' di pagamento per saldare la registrazione dei domini sopra riportato, l'importo ammonta ad un totale 6132?.

i domini registrati sono 146, per un canone di registrazione di 35? piu' IVA.

Grazie per la cortese collaborazione.

Buona giornata

Federica Previtali

Support Team

————— SpA


So I have to pay 35 Euros more VAT for each
domain registered (something like 55 USD for a mere
registration in common ccTLD domains class).

If you think this is a correct behavior from a registrar, I'll
stop bugging the net with this issue. On the contrary, if you're an
International Registrar representative, please contact me in order to transfer
to you these up listed domains, even calling for an advice the ICANN board or

On a national level, my legal firm is evaluating the best
strategy to act against them, involving, if the case, some consumers

I'm looking for an International Registrar because my country
is afflicted by a malign sort of agreements/trusts of ICT services providers (to
be honest not only in ICT).

Thanks in advance


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Awful…. Are these “Jacked Vista Cop-Updates”?

I’m very worried….
I’m typing on a Vista Enterprise notebook, and 10 minutes ago, Windows Update override my update preferences (ask before everything….).
It istalled 4 updates without my permissions.
On another notebook, the behavior is different. They don’t install without asking.
Anyway there’s no trace of updates KBs…. They’ve been released yesterday (January 29), 24 hours before the Vista international launch.
Now it wants to to reboot.
I’m quite afraid.
I save this bottle message on this Blog draft section.
I will send it away from another machine, if Microsoft jackes me….

Is it not strange?
Take a look…..

Updates 2
No Update KB in Microsoft Search System
No Google
No Yahoo....

Ok. Rebooted.
Saved, for now.

And tomorrow, I’ll get a regular one…..

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